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Rhonda SlaterRhonda Slater: For years I had been fascinated by Cuba, and this island has yet to disappoint me! Cuba is a country with warm and inviting people, rich in the arts, culture, music and beauty. Although some consider it to be simply a Caribbean island, it is more reminiscent of Europe, complete with the splendor of magnificent architecture, wide sweeping boulevards, amazing beaches and the grandeur of days gone by. Cuba will once again become the Paris of the Caribbean.

I made a commitment to bring our communities together while letting Cuban’s know they are not forgotten. Many visitors query, “What can we do to help these wonderful people?” When in Cuba, I make a point to speak to people, find out what they truly need. We are hoping to bring support to Cuba mission by mission. Our goal is to help restock the pharmacies’ empty shelves, bring basic supplies to the synagogues, senior centers, schools and a variety of other institutions.

Current Board Members

Mark Slater
Jeffrey Paul
Judy Rosenberg
Reagan Rosson

Past Board of Director and Members

Randi Simenhoff, Emeritus Director and Co-Founder
Nelson Silver

Hands On Hosts

We are available for you 24/7 so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Cuba. Your only job is to show up and have fun!

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Whether you are looking for art, adventure, humanitarian work, or all of the above, we can work up the perfect itinerary for you and your family.

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Every detail of your trip will be perfectly planned. We have built the relationships and researched the very best Cuba has to offer to bring you a true local experience.

Humanitarian At Heart

We build bridges and connect our United States and Cuban communities – one expedition at a time.