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Why Travel to Cuba With Exclusive Expeditions

Exclusively Inclusive

Our expeditions to Cuba are limited to 24 passengers and include an international flight package.

Exclusive Selection

Whether you are looking for art, adventure, humanitarian, Jewish mission, or all of the above, we offer the perfect itinerary for you, your family and friends.

Stress Free Experience

Hands on hosts are available for you 24/7 so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Cuba. Your only job is to show up and have fun!

Humanitarian At Heart

We build bridges and connect the U.S. and Cuban communities – one expedition at a time. We always bring urgently needed medications, school supplies, sports equipment, food and monetary donations.

Upcoming Expeditions to Cuba

  • Cuba for the Holidays

    Spend your holiday in beautiful Cuba and experience all of the art, music, culture and cuisine that Cuba has to offer.

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  • New Year’s in Havana

    Ring in the New Year in Havana and experience all of the arts, music, culture and cuisine that Cuba has to offer.

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  • Springtime in Cuba!

    This expedition offers the opportunity to visit five cities within Cuba while soaking up the rich arts, culture and cuisine in these areas. This is a wonderful way to experience…

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  • Your Private Expedition to Cuba

    Visit Cuba your way. With our assistance, design the perfect way to experience this vibrant island country. The itinerary below provides a guideline for the most comprehensive introduction allowing time…

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  • Your Private Long Weekend Expedition to Cuba

    People-to-People (Arts/Culture) or Religious (Jewish, Catholic, Multi) Suggested itinerary includes: • 3-4 Nights in Havana • International flight from your home city (major gateway cities) • Cuban visa, Cuban and…

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  • Private Congressional Jewish Mission

    Holiday break in Havana…what could be better? Experience all of the arts, music, culture and cuisine that Cuba has to offer; attend private meetings with Jewish community leaders, enjoy Shabbat with the…

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Exclusive Expeditions

It was a dream. Cuba is unique, beautiful, decaying, vibrant, Nostalgic and optimistic. The Cuban people understand the importance of hospitality for their economy but they come across as genuine. Rhonda Slater knows Cuba and the tour she arranged for us was superb:... [read full review at Yelp]



Specializing in Arts, People to People and Jewish Missions. Exclusive Expeditions is committed to offering a phenomenal, small group travel experience to this exciting, colorful island country. Cuba is changing rapidly…come see the Old Cuba now. Specializing in People-to-People, Humanitarian and Jewish Missions to Cuba.

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